Our company boasts an experience of over 50 years in the field of industrial, manual, half-automatic and automatic machineries.

We specialize in seamers

Through the years, our company has supplied a great variety of machineries in order to fulfill the needs of a lot of customers who have applied to us with continuous confidence so that their companies would always be in the forefront.

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Our services

Our company can supply a complete production line or a single machine, guaranteeing a continuous technical assistance in case of need, and this is one of our strong points, which allowed us to keep a continuous collaboration relationship of decades to our customers.

Why choose us?

Because it is our company’s policy to carefully listen to what our customer needs in order to create a tailor-made product for them afterwards. Therefore, we hold every customer in high esteem and apply ourselves in order to fulfill their needs as much as possible. As a matter of fact, every machine of ours is never identical to another one, but it is always customized according to the work it will have to carry out. Of course, there is the planning and the analytical study about the way the work should be carried out behind all that.

How we work

Our customer is followed right from their first contact with us, from the first talk to the visit at each other’s headquarters. We examine their premises, the features of the latter ones, and all that precedes the phase of carrying out the job and delivering the product. We are professional, efficient, and devoted to our job, and our customers’ loyalty over time makes us proud, because it means we work well. Nuova Officina Meccanica S.r.l.s. are chosen especially because of its capacity, its professionalism, and the continuous support they offer if need be.

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